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About the Spidercrab

Spidercrab.Net has been providing local search engine and directory services in the Bailiwick of Guernsey since 1998.

All revenues raised from the spidercrab.net site have been used to support charitable work in Eastern Europe.

SpiderCrab became part of the Island Networks group at the end of 2003. We will shortly be setting up new SpiderCrab 2004 online directories for Jersey and Guernsey.

If you would like your business or organisation listed in the new SpiderCrab directories, please contact us. There will be a number of opportunities available. As before, we will continue the tradition of support for charities working in Eastern Europe.

For Guernsey web searches we are pleased to present the Guernsey specific edition of Google, google.gg, available in both English and French. For Jersey web searches, google.je is also available in both languages.

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